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BookBuzz.org is a book price comparison website that helps you find the book you want at the cheapest price. We partner with a variety of independent booksellers and online marketplaces to provide this service. We search through millions of books listed for sale by our partners to find the book you want. Book prices vary tremendously so it's always worth comparing prices to find the best deal.

BookBuzz does not support Amazon or its subsidiaries. We're proud to partner with the following booksellers and marketplaces.

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Alibris is an online marketplace for new and used books that also offers music and movies (yes, you can buy vinyl, CDs and DVDs). It has a long history, going back to 1993, when it was originally called Interloc and operated as a seller-only database. This company pioneered much of the early online bookselling technology and was renamed Alibris in 1997. Based in California, Alibris' sellers offer a broad range of new and used titles as well as antiquarian books. It also has a program for helping libraries and a buyback program.


Biblio is an independent online marketplace based in Asheville, North Carolina. It offers millions of used books, rare editions and out-of-print books for sale from thousands of sellers. Biblio began life as a price comparison engine (like BookBuzz) in 2000 before becoming a marketplace in 2003. Over the years, Biblio steadily grew while remaining fiercely independent. Biblio offers rare first editions of literary classics as well as affordable reading copies. This company is socially conscious and operates a charitable program called BiblioWorks. It also invests in a Native American alternative energy company.

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BooksRun is a versatile website that offers multiple services for booklovers. You can buy new or used books and rent books too. There are also ebooks for purchase or rental. You can buy from BooksRun or its marketplace partners. It also offers a buyback program. BooksRun ships books in recycled packaging, offers free shipping and has more a million titles in stock.

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Blackwell's has a chain of bookshops across the UK. Its famous Broad Street bookshop in Oxford (next to the White Horse pub) opened in 1879. It was a family-run business until 2022. Blackwell's has a long history of serving academics and university students, but they offer books for all types of readers. It was one of the UK's first bookshop chains to develop an online presence in the mid-1990s and ships books to customers around the world. Blackwell's also sells rare books and maps.

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Founded in 2001, ChrisLands provides online bookselling services to independent bookstores and sellers. It offers bookselling websites, domain hosting and payment processing among other things required to sell books on the Internet. Today, hundreds of independent booksellers in nine countries use ChrisLands' websites and those websites are included in the BookBuzz search, giving you access to new, used, out- of-print and rare books from independent sellers.

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Everyone knows eBay - one of the giant online marketplaces. Founded in 1995 in California, eBay's vendors offer almost everything from car parts to baseball cards. Books is a well-established category on eBay. You will find general used books and many rare books on eBay along with textbooks at bargain prices. Booksellers of all shapes and sizes use this marketplace due to its extensive array of selling tools. The eBay shopping experience includes auctions, fixed prices and a stringent feedback system.

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